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01 January 2025 @ 01:59 pm

This is just to say that all the icons shown in this journal have previously been posted at my personal journal, at debris4spike

All can be snagged and used ... but credit to debris4spike (please) would be great.
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23 March 2018 @ 07:53 pm
I am doing this set of icons for fandom10in30, over at Dreamwidth... the challenge is that of "Dress Up". There was no theme, so I chose 10 different outfits where the characters are dressed completely different from there "normal"

1.  photo sg1_819_215_zpss3cyofft.jpg 2.  photo sg1_221_485_zps4f3ko0to.jpg 3.  photo q_thegray_190_zps4r0o4onz.jpg 4.  photo killinggameone029_zpsxa5luibu.jpg

5.  photo 4ea67afccfb570297bc0d0845578074f_zpst2iiupuq.jpg 6.  photo 6a00d8341c5d3b53ef01b7c866f96a970b-800wi_zpsdouarhve.jpg 7.  photo 111hells-bells-willow-and-tara_zpsewbpubrc.jpg 8.  photo btvs112_422_zps83wyumxt.jpg

9.  photo 119VampireDiaries1160_zpsf1ektivu.jpg 10.  photo 6225633_orig_zpstbr5apva.jpg
16 March 2018 @ 07:32 pm
Round 103 character20n20


Architecture In Motion Lavender Panic Sexy
 photo Architecture_zpsiqermcg6.jpg  photo In Motion_zpsibo2gjle.jpg  photo Lavender_zps4pi4j7au.jpg  photo Panic_zpsnf8zlstp.jpg  photo Sexy_zpsl8kjvct2.jpg
Song Title Sparkly Transparent White Winter Clothing
 photo Song title_zpsrelmpokr.jpg  photo Sparkle_zpsweunpfed.jpg  photo Transparent 1_zpsslmf2eap.jpg  photo White 1_zpstnlsjak2.jpg  photo Winter Clothing_zpsxfsonvdn.jpg

CATEGORY: Magnifying Text

one two three four five
 photo Cat 1_zpstse2zyi0.jpg  photo Cat 2_zpso9zgns0n.jpg  photo Cat 3_zpsojqwfvu8.jpg  photo Cat 4_zps5bxz5sxx.jpg  photo Cat 5_zpsqdvae12p.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC 1_zps3vtlzqym.jpg  photo AC 2_zpshti5onj3.jpg  photo AC 3_zpsv3hfampn.jpg  photo AC 4_zpsuno6vsth.jpg  photo AC 5_zpszgdwx4ca.jpg

And a couple of alternates -
 photo White_zpsaydm8sxd.jpg    photo Transparent 2_zps7rgqf7ts.jpg

27 February 2018 @ 07:51 pm
We had more than 20 days to complete round 11 of monthlyinspo , and we were given a theme of doing 20 icons to tell the story of a book.  I chose to summarise The Bible, yes, all 66 books. 

1.   photo 1_zpsiizcwcm2.jpg   2.   photo 2 - Creation_zpsqajm9ghd.jpg   3.   photo 3 - Jacobs ladder_zpspyvnmrx8.jpg   4.   photo 4 - Moses - Pharoah_zpsrdd0gcrb.jpg   5.   photo 4a - Ten commandments_zps8hkkpjem.jpg

6.   photo 5 - Judges_zpsamiibotr.jpg   7.   photo 6 - Psalms_zps08rxtaoc.jpg   8.   photo 7 - Jonah amp whale_zps8nneaiun.jpg    9.   photo 8 - Daniel_zpspra51rda.jpg   10.  photo 9 - 3 Kings_zpsltgh8t6h.jpg

11.  photo 9a - 12 desciples_zpshifzafkg.jpg   12.  photo 10 - Feeding 5000_zpsgbxbourk.jpg   13.  photo 10a - Losst sheep_zpsdgot1zgm.jpg   14.  photo 11 - Jesus heals_zpsmgan1p11.jpg   15.  photo 15 - Palm Sunday_zpsx38blpct.jpg

16.  photo 16 - 30 pieces of silver_zpsmireynuz.jpg   17.  photo 17 - Easter_zpsma1fnubq.jpg   18.  photo 18 - Acts_zps5vgphl4n.jpg   19.  photo 19 - Epistles_zpsi8i0lglu.jpg   20.  photo 20 - Heaven Hell_zps3wirv2id.jpg

So, to summarise the Bible, I have tried to pick a few key times and scenes ... well, ones that I could make icons for anyway!!

The Bible starts with God saying "Let there be light" (1), and over the 6 days He created land, animals and humans (2).  The Old Testament follows the history of the Jews, and one of the early patriachs was Jacob and one night on his travels he had a vision of Angels going up and down a ladder to Heaven(3).  His whole family moved to Egypt during a famine, but as the years passed they were turned into slaves (4), which, with God's help they eventually escaped.

On the way to their promised land they were given help and instrutions by God (5) ... but over the years they forgot these things and needed Judges to remind them of these laws, and of God (6).  Eventually things settled as they had Kings, one of which was David, who wrote a lot of new songs (7).  However things returned to "normal" and God again needed to send missionaries to remind them (8 & 9).

We start the New Testament with the Jews in captivity under the Romans ... and Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  He was visited by shepherds, and later by Magi (although as the song sais it may have been 3 kings - 10!!).

As Jesus grew up and became a n adult, He started travelling and speaking to those He met.  He had 12 desciples to support and help Him (11).  Over the next 3 years He did many miracles (12 & 14), and preached my parables (13).  He life on earth culminated in a ride into Jerusalem on a donkey (15), being proclaimed King; but the following week He was sold for 30 pieces of silver (16), before being crucified ... and rising again 3 days later (17)

After He returned to Heaven His followers travelled and spread the news of Jesus' life (18), and wrote letters to the fledgling Churches (19).  The final book of The Bible is the description of the final battle of Armageddon (etc) ... and God's judgement of all, sending them to Heaven & Hell (20).

I know that many of you won't agree with these words, and treat the Bible as a story.  For me I believe it, but whatever your beliefs, I hope the icons portray the image I have tried to show.
20 February 2018 @ 03:32 pm
Round 102 of character20n20


Black + Accents Complex + Vibrant Diagonal Text Dramatic Love
 photo Black  Accents_zpshhoaaxj1.jpg  photo Complex  Vibrant_zpsl5b3ocl2.jpg  photo Diagonal Text_zpsmagw8fvv.jpg  photo Dramatic_zpsfwltbkqm.jpg  photo Love_zps5s7wxlkg.jpg
Nature Sepia Simple Smile Transport
 photo Nature_zpsumtknoyv.jpg  photo Sepia_zps2z7zphor.jpg  photo Simple_zpsew1ux3ee.jpg  photo Smile_zpsp58naizf.jpg  photo Transport_zps9aaxdpfh.jpg

CATEGORY: Black & White Gradient

one two three four five
 photo Cat 1_zpsp28nfh9z.jpg  photo Cat 2_zpsg1gvzsk4.jpg  photo Cat 3_zpswx5xb7db.jpg  photo Cat 4_zpsheoaq3wl.jpg  photo Cat 5_zpsypya8fdb.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC 1_zpsdhx4f6hq.jpg  photo AC2_zps9dqmwfrc.png  photo AC3_zpsd6ybzbim.jpg  photo AC4_zpsy0yczzg9.jpg  photo AC 5_zpslg9gwpsv.jpg

09 January 2018 @ 04:41 pm
This set are for round 101 in character20n20 and my character is Hercules from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (as portrayed by Kevin Sorbo)


Cold Danger Midnight Off-Center Purple
 photo Cold_zpsru7dtc7w.jpg  photo Danger_zpsisy0kcyo.jpg  photo Midnight_zpsjpi3zj9t.jpg  photo Off-centre_zpssy1nhpgn.jpg  photo Purple_zpsaczry6jo.jpg
Recumbent Scenery Stay Wildy Triangle Unnatural Coloring
 photo Recumbent_zpsvasiyehv.jpg  photo Scenery_zpsbvex4qij.jpg  photo Stay Wildy_zps1vftonco.jpg  photo Triange_zpsvbadeght.jpg  photo Unnatural Coloring_zpswxvv55fe.jpg


one two three four five
 photo Cat 2_zps8776etln.jpg  photo Cat 4_zpsykelqprk.jpg  photo Cat 1_zps0ajgvvqc.jpg  photo Cat 5_zpsmmdz6uth.jpg  photo Cat 3_zpsl2uciylx.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC 1_zpsaiycdunn.jpg  photo AC 2_zpscbx7cmxb.jpg  photo AC 3_zpsmguom0al.jpg  photo AC 4_zpsba6hxtxp.jpg  photo AC 5_zpsc4ubrbav.jpg

21 December 2017 @ 08:01 pm
  character20n20 is doing round 100, and this time rather than one character they are celebrating their 100th month by getting us to pick a TV series ... and so, I had to pick Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.


100 Beginning Ending Favorite Character Favorite Scene
 photo 100_zpsv4ozethj.jpg  photo Beginning_zps1l8xylmi.png  photo Ending_zpspahkppel.jpg  photo Favourite Character_zps8rdc7sxv.jpg  photo Favourite scene_zpsfpongnzh.jpg
Fan Service Friendship OTP Villain Quote
 photo Fan Service_zpsksvziytt.jpg  photo Friendship_zpsgg131vdm.jpg  photo OTP_zpsdjc1hpvj.jpg  photo Villain_zpsm3p80je2.jpg  photo Quote_zpsufbexz50.jpg


Shocked Shy Happy Thoughtful Heartbroken
 photo Emotion - Shock_zpsylgeowb5.jpg  photo Emotion - shy_zps4tlrk6cc.jpeg  photo Emotion - happy_zpsbyzcjayc.jpg  photo Emotion - thoughtful_zpskudser4i.jpg  photo Emotion - heartbroken_zpsdetbx2dz.jpeg


one two three four five
 photo Scene 5_zps7jdx6wuh.jpg  photo Scene 4_zps9zpu1f4u.jpg  photo Scene 1_zpszlhzwg0h.jpg  photo Scene 2_zpsqrssnw9v.jpg  photo Scene 3_zps2kba15sb.jpg
19 October 2017 @ 05:21 pm
This set is for Round 8 of monthlyinspo with the theme being "Bump In The Night".

1.   photo btvs210_699 2_zpszx19aotc.jpg  2.   photo btvs107_401_zpsknkrj2ol.jpg  3.   photo btvs203_737_zpsybi6m5hh.jpg  4.   photo btvs214_395_zpspfrlsec3.jpg  5.   photo btvs308_069_zpsifjaokw4.jpg

6.   photo btvs302_848_zpsegnve9tb.jpg  7.   photo things-that-make-you-go-kaboom-20080213013150564_zpsybdkdofr.jpg  8.   photo Buffy_4x21_Primeval_463_zpsdizxpkoa.jpg  9.   photo btvs214_741_zpslwfaxyfv.jpg  10.  photo btvs302_742_zpsqqjkeimv.jpg

11.  photo Buffy_4x06_WaH_607_zpshqt5ecd8.jpg 12.  photo btvs112_776_zps58cdnjx8.jpg 13.  photo btvs304_586_zpsv4p0ewkc.jpg 14.  photo b46c4ac4626071fa28e0b745132aaa23_zps9huohwhg.jpg 15.  photo Buffy_4x06_WaH_208_zps5josko4l.jpg

16.  photo Buffy_6x07_OMwF_1179_zpssloxesyy.jpg 17.  photo btvs410_553_zpsftdlhtfb.jpg 18.  photo 5746218-willow_zpslep8l7ra.jpg 19.  photo Buffy_4x21_Primeval_281_zps2iy1xeed.jpg 20.  photo Primeval_walsh_zpszkv2qpyb.jpg
17 October 2017 @ 05:46 pm
Round 98 of character20n20 ... and Dr Michaela Quinn was my choice for this round.


Addiction Autumn Leaves Cheerful Black + Pink Empty + Grey
 photo Addiction_zpspwzpcfzy.jpg  photo Autumn Leaves_zpsv604ibbe.jpg  photo Cheerful_zps6krq4kzg.jpg  photo Black  Pink_zps7x0b8d1w.jpg  photo Empty  Grey_zpstgilkntd.jpg
Job Looking down Night No Mouth Plus one
 photo Job_zpstnlndych.jpg  photo Looking Down_zpsitapsevn.jpg  photo Night_zpsywliupyu.jpg  photo No eyes_zps9i08mxi9.jpg  photo Plus One_zpsndjzpevl.jpg


one two three four five
 photo Cat4_zpsuzcxpruu.jpg  photo Cat 2_zps2jfjcrzk.jpg  photo Cat1_zps97ctol8t.jpg  photo 1-01-Pilot-dr-quinn-medicine-woman-4107330_zps5yrach2o.jpg  photo Cat3_zpsioz09na4.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC 1_zpsxn58zbsp.jpg  photo AC 2_zpsdffhoeaq.jpg  photo AC 3_zpsum0tevsf.jpg  photo AC 4_zpshwrah7xr.jpg  photo 008_zps9yxwsvqr.jpg
19 September 2017 @ 04:41 pm
Round 7 of monthlyinspo ... our theme was teaching.

1.  photo 16_zpsg0obc1c7.jpg   2.  photo 19_zpsrh1ozcj7.jpg   3.  photo 18_zpsn7zbapwj.jpg   4.  photo 17_zpsjvcshd6i.jpg   5.  photo 20_zpsqwnvu7rk.jpg

6.  photo 13_zpskqnbpb1p.jpg   7.  photo 11_zpsznvkunhp.jpg   8.  photo 14_zpsdvzxnudn.jpg   9.  photo 12_zpsf2bomyu0.jpg   10.  photo 15_zpsyohcdbyo.jpg

11.  photo 6_zpsumurghss.jpg   12.  photo 10_zpsqhulcmic.jpg   13.  photo 8_zpsnmksxgci.jpg   14.  photo 9_zpsi95ereiv.jpg   15.  photo 7_zps5jrnmd51.jpg

16.  photo 1_zpssvmtrmsi.jpg   17.  photo 4_zpspcipngrf.jpg   18.  photo 3_zps5oj5nmfl.jpg   19.  photo 2_zpswrlxrxhx.jpg   20.  photo 5_zpswylwgghv.jpg

All of the images were found via Google search, and are from copyright -free sites.  No copyright infringement is intended.

The films used are :- The Belles of St Trinians, The Pure Hell of St Trinians, The Great St Trinians Train Robbery, The Goose Steps Out, Carry on Teacher, The Best Years of Your Life and School for Scoundrels.