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01 January 2025 @ 01:59 pm

This is just to say that all the icons shown in this journal have previously been posted at my personal journal, at debris4spike

All can be snagged and used ... but credit to debris4spike (please) would be great.
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16 August 2019 @ 04:15 pm
moviefilmstills - Challenge 155, 5 icons from 1 image

 photo 62_6_zpsmddzkbdj.png    photo ChaoticRoad-8 10_zpsywzyqaah.png    photo 3_zpszynk1kyw.jpg    photo 1_zpsqtv3flqo.jpg    photo 2_zpsnk6zrold.jpg
This is the famous image from Singing in the Rain
10 August 2019 @ 12:17 pm
Hi - I have made some icons for Round 26 of monthlyinspo ... the theme title is Frankenstein, and it means that they have to be complex ... I hope these qualify.  They are all of Buffy, and taken from season 4 of BtVS ... enjoy

1 2 3 4 5
 photo BtVS_S4_E5_0035_zpsw14go9jf.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E8_0820_zpsnp6m43lf.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E21_0787_zps44gaicvy.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E17_0452_zpsu6lbfebs.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E22_0315_zpsjbewv2wy.jpg
6 7 8 9 10
 photo BtVS_S4_E17_0150_zpskl49jqgi.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E7_0393_zpsxkxsaqak.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E8_0054_zps4d8bytn2.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E5_0582_zpsmfvyswus.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E5_0257_zpsu3kuiq2m.jpg

And, as I said, a couple of extras

 photo BtVS_S4_E21_0581_zpskcamspad.jpg    photo BtVS_S4_E8_0820a_zpsrpg1kbeq.jpg

19 July 2019 @ 11:50 am
Round 151 - Quotes

 photo 11971582932135849781JicJac_Jack-O-Lantern_svg_med_zpso6jf95tv.png photo 3_zpscghuzhxf.jpg  photo aug22_zpswwsdixuk.jpg photo LUKE_zpskdm1ftkl.png

And, the films ...

1) Some Like 'em Hot
2) Gone with the Wind
3) Wizard of Oz
4) Star Wars

And, the winner in the best colour category was
 photo LUKE_zpskdm1ftkl.png

Round 150 - free for all

 photo m_caps_060_zps7c3etlv4.jpg photo m_caps_348_zps1oqxqand.jpg photo m_caps_211_zpsyh0kojeu.jpg photo m_caps_552_zpslgtfvbcj.jpg photo m_caps_342_zps4llouurf.jpg

All from Moonshot

Round 149 - Last Year's Films

 photo FirstMan_2493_D051_00228R_zpsgqj7zb40.jpg photo HanSolo5aec09b2a8745.0_zpsvekw0etd.jpg photo firstman-astronaunt-moon-700x321_zpsid5upnjo.jpg photo 636586073792933650-XXX-CP-Solo--A-Star-Wars-Story-05_zpsntzomzhj.jpg photo 2493_D030_00395R_GRD.JPG_cmyk_2040.0_zpstlcuf7pz.jpg

The 2 films are First Man & Solo

Round 141 - Book Adaptations

 photo dambusters3_zpswukukun4.jpg photo download_zps1u2b2usy.jpg photo pb_tf2_zpsiedzknxf.jpg photo anne-of-green-gables_zpsxw0mqzaw.jpg photo Gone-With-the-Wind_zpsncmtok6i.jpg

Film #1 is The Dambusters, from the book of the same name, and "Enemy Coast Ahead" by Guy Gibson V.C.
Film #2 is The Princess Bride, from the book of the same name
Film #3 is Anne of Green Gables from the book of the same name
and Film #4 is Gone With The Wind, from the book of the same name
14 July 2019 @ 03:21 pm
Round 10 of icons10in20, over on D/W


1.  photo Gradation 1a_zpsuknrx9qe.jpg 2.  photo Gradation 1b_zpsdtragpjs.jpg 3.  photo Gradation 1c_zpsydcfsrmj.jpg 4.  photo Gradation 1d_zpsxypow8gs.jpg 5.  photo Gradation 1e_zpspizrlxl7.jpg


6.  photo Space 1_zpsmakmplse.jpg 7.  photo Space 4_zps7dtl9adh.jpg 8.  photo Space 3_zpsrm0lmh2s.png 9.  photo Space 2_zpstasmgqer.jpg 10.  photo Space 5_zpsykfkih46.jpg

25 May 2019 @ 03:55 pm
Round 9 of [community profile] icons10in20

1. Female+look up 2. Cult classics 3. Food 4. Mixed Text 5.Weapon
 photo Female looking up_zpscwaxqv33.jpg  photo Cult classic_zpsqktimisv.jpg  photo Food_zps6ruxkasl.jpg  photo Mixed text_zpsmtcj4fcv.jpg  photo Weapon_zpsgmmjgkw3.jpg
6.Architecture 7. Boxes 8. Royalty 9. Close + odd crop 10.Men in Black
 photo Architecture_zpslsaxmbbh.jpg  photo Boxes_zps6vonvk0f.jpg  photo Royalty_zpseatpp9i7.jpg  photo Close up and odd crop_zpsxnd76dhg.jpg  photo Men in Black_zpsah9yh4vn.jpg

This was originally post on Dreamwidth
25 May 2019 @ 12:18 pm
Round 24  of monthlyinspo ... and the theme is, "opposites"

B&W Dark Close Up Dark Photo Plain
 photo 1  BampW_zpsbfbef82n.jpg  photo 3  Dark_zps4k2xhvqd.jpg  photo 5  Close up_zpsl7rdjted.jpg  photo 7  Dark_zpsuq673we8.jpg  photo 9  Plain background_zpsglno2zre.jpg
Colour Light Distant Light Scan Patterned
 photo 2  Colour_zpssoepwbll.jpg  photo 4  Light_zpsy7yqp7ny.jpg  photo 6  Distant_zpsfmqxf1wn.jpg  photo 8  Untitled_zpscu53n3ow.jpg  photo 10  Patterned background_zps28jcxmvk.jpg

And, here are a couple of extras

 photo Patterned background 2_zpsmuybklzr.jpg    photo Blue amp white_zps0tpw3yck.jpg    photo Dark changed_zps6irixhjj.jpg

17 April 2019 @ 04:09 pm
I realise that I have uploaded some more texture to my pc which I may be using, so wanted to make sure credit was given to the correct people.

 photo front_zpsrjq4ezu5.png

 photo ChaoticOcean-preview_zpstelzmgiy.png

 photo Pre_zpsmtv7f0iq.png

 photo prev_zpsqgbfi0hs.png

 photo dark01-tn_zpskizke3ow.png

 photo random01-tn_zps9smqurvp.png

 photo BACKTO2004-preview_zps8yr6tnvl.png

As ever, thank you to all these talented artists
12 April 2019 @ 03:35 pm
Round 23 of monthlyinspo ... and our theme is Earth Day.  So, hopefully these colours/images are "earth" coloured.  I chose to set them all from the iconic "first" Star Wars film ... ie #4, A New Hope ... enjoy (I hope)

1.   photo i_zpsmritsjc1.jpg  2.   photo ii_zpslubo2x5z.jpg  3.   photo iii_zpsoaa1ejxw.jpg

4.   photo iv_zpswsq4dzx4.jpg  5.   photo v_zpst7cg2dqs.jpg  6.   photo vi_zps0ydhythp.jpg

7.   photo vii_zpsy18svsdy.jpg  8.   photo viii_zps4lmodlne.jpg  9.   photo ix_zps71pck0sb.jpg  10.  photo x_zpsjhij5z8n.jpg

And a couple of failures!
 photo 2_zpsmfpfbeba.jpg    photo 1_zpsv0n35yru.jpg  photo star-wars4-movie-screencaps.com-12151_zpsledwmap6.jpg
11 April 2019 @ 11:35 am
Round 22 of monthlyinspo ... So, our challenge was to make 10 icons form film posters

1.   photo rare-vintage-1980-collectors-iconic-movie-poster-gone-with-the-wind-1939-7198_zpsdqjv0vrp.jpg  2.   photo rare-vintage-1980-collectors-iconic-movie-poster-gone-with-the-wind-1939-7198 2_zpsxkfodihw.jpg  3.   photo Untitled_zpspxnewr0r.jpg

4.   photo Longest Day_zps2oeeixxt.jpg  5.   photo passchendaele-poster1a_zpsouhzwlfj.jpg 6.   photo passchendaele-poster1b_zpsb3v5rk9o.jpg

7.   photo Batman 2_zpsokq2lcem.jpg 8.   photo Batman 1_zpsrfmkzqpo.jpg 9.   photo apollo-13-movie-poster1_zpstlvnwpii.jpg 10.  photo Apollo_thirteen_movie1_zpsw5v2hf8y.jpg

Round 8 of icons10in20 (over on DW) ... and all taken from BtVS season 5 

First Episode Spring April Baby Black & White Hands
 photo First episode_zpspglly0eg.jpg  photo Spring_zps6nmllxs6.jpg  photo April baby_zpsalfkvolj.jpg  photo Black amp white_zpshvgi75rm.jpg  photo Hands_zpsqghcms6n.jpg
Levels Eye-Wear Profile & Solid BG X marks The Spot Full Body
 photo Levels_zpsvlek5yap.jpg  photo Eye wear_zpsrsnfzgmr.jpg  photo Profile amp solid bg_zps9ba81f25.jpg  photo X marks the spot_zpsagrqndqi.jpg  photo Full body_zpsa619tfgi.jpg